Vandalia Community Preservation Association, VCPA



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Chapel & School, (Owen County Preservations - Preservation of the Year Award 1996) Chapel & School 2014 Chapel, Spring 2009 Vandalia Methodist Church (before it was deeded to the VCPA) Chapel 1970s, Before Sunday School Mother's Day 1988  #1 Mother's Day 1988   # 2
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After Church Service, Early 1940s School House after restoration  by volunteer citizens of the Vandalia, IN community in 1970s Vandalia School Students 1925-26 Vandalia School Students 1932-33 Vandalia School Students 1947-48, Grade 3 Vandalia School New Roof, 2014 Original Blackboard in School House
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Inside School House Vestibule School House  Stove "Girls" Outhouse Inside Chapel as Lloyd Wood Performs at VCPA Fundraiser 11-16-2014 Young P.J. Cummings Volunteer Fundraiser at VCPA Soup Supper 11-16-2014 Vandalia Historical Chapel VCPA Sign Chapel Windows